Pedestrian Hurt by Hit-and-Run Driver

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Our client was walking through a parking lot with her daughter after exiting a store, when a driver backed out from a parking space. The car struck our client in the legs as she was walking, causing her to lose balance and attempt to brace herself from falling. According to a witness, the driver then stopped, shouted at the two pedestrians, and drove away without exchanging contact or insurance information. Thankfully, our client and her daughter were still able to get the license plate number of the driver’s car and contact the police following this pedestrian accident.

Pre-Existing Back Condition Aggravated by Accident With Hit-and-Run Driver

When the police arrived, the client stated she had pain in her left leg. Because her injuries seemed relatively minor at the scene of the accident, she chose not to go to the emergency room. However, she planned to see her own doctor soon.

After the accident, the client began to experience a great deal of increased back pain, discomfort, and difficulty performing daily tasks. She made an appointment with her doctor, explaining her symptoms and what had happened in the accident. The client had a history of prior back surgery, and the doctor determined that the jolt of the accident had aggravated her pre-existing back issues. The doctor administered an injection, which helped alleviate some of the client’s pain and discomfort.

Client Contacts Neblett, Beard & Arsenault for Help With Her Accident Case

When she realized the extent of her injuries and the difficulty of her situation, the client contacted Attorney William Neblett, of Neblett, Beard & Arsenault. William talked one-on-one with the client and reassured her. He helped her collect crucial evidence for the case, including video footage from the store where the accident happened. William helped the client track down the hit-and-run driver and file a personal injury lawsuit to recover her medical expenses and other losses. The police also issued a ticket to the driver of the hit-and-run accident.

With William’s legal guidance and skillful negotiation, the client’s personal injury case ultimately settled for $76,813.50 in her favor. The client was satisfied with the result and happy to be able to pay her medical bills and expenses.

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