Negligent Delivery Van Driver Takes the Life of an Infant

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A young mother and her two children were stranded with a broken-down vehicle on a major interstate highway in Louisiana. The mother did everything right, including putting on her flashers to warn other drivers. As the family waited for help on the roadside, a large commercial delivery van veered off the road and struck the disabled vehicle. The impact killed her infant son, who was under a year old.

Her other child miraculously escaped with only bumps and bruises, but the mother herself suffered serious injuries in the accident, including a broken arm and femur that would require surgery and crutches. When the accident was later investigated, it was found that the driver of the delivery van had been adjusting a Styrofoam cup in a cup holder instead of paying attention to the road.

Tragic Case Settled With the Help of Wes Gralapp and the Attorneys at Neblett, Beard & Arsenault

The insurance company for the driver’s employer, a large national corporation, immediately hired experts to investigate what happened. The client’s father, a long-time friend and former client, contacted our law firm for help just a few days later. As the legal part of the case unfolded, Wes worked one-on-one with the mother, making sure she had the grief counseling, coverage for funeral costs, and support she needed. Wes gets involved with all his clients, but he felt especially close to this family as they struggled to cope with their loss. He felt strongly called to provide comfort, solace, and help to get them through the dark time of losing a child and into a brighter future.

Within a year, Wes was able to settle the case on behalf of the infant’s parents, before a suit was filed. The case settled for well over a million dollars, allowing the mother to better recover physically and emotionally from an unthinkable loss. With the settlement, she was able to repair her car, take better care of her surviving child, and get vocational training for the future. She was also able to purchase a home near her parents, for emotional support and help, and memorialize the loss of her young son who will always be special to them.

After the case was resolved, the client’s grandmother was thankful for Wes’ help. She said, “Wes is like a family member. He’s helped in some of our darkest moments, kept our heads out of the water somehow, and prayed us through those times into brighter moments!” Read her full testimonial.

At Neblett, Beard & Arsenault, we understand that money can’t bring back a child who is lost, but it can help those left behind cope. Wes encourages his clients to use these kinds of senseless tragedies as an incentive to improve their own quality of life—as a tribute to their lost loved ones. 

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