Negligence During Crossbow Repair Shatters Man’s Hand

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Our client, an offshore supervisor, was looking forward to doing some hunting while home on break. He got a brand-new crossbow, but it didn’t seem to be functioning correctly when he tried it out. He cocked it and pulled the trigger, but it seemed the safety mechanism was jammed. The client took the crossbow into the repair shop for the defect.  

While in the repair shop, the attendant asked the client to hold a screwdriver on the firing mechanism. The attendant was holding the string with a string puller, but he lost control of it. The client—still holding the screwdriver in place—was hit when the string released, which shattered the bones in his hand. 

Hand Injury Leads to Two Surgeries and Loss of Offshore Career

The client was treated by a hand specialist and needed two surgeries to help repair the damage done by the crossbow. Unfortunately, even after the surgeries, he still struggled with limited mobility in his hand and a loss of strength. This limited his ability to fulfill his duties at work, forcing him to find another line of work. He was out of work for a little under two years due to his injury, and he was unable to return to his high-income career as an offshore supervisor.

Experience With Bow Hunting Makes Neblett, Beard & Arsenault a Great Fit

The client immediately contacted Neblett, Beard & Arsenault and talked with Attorney William Neblett. As luck would have it, William was an experienced bow hunter, so he had an immediate understanding of what the client described. However, the client’s case would be complicated because the store had limited insurance coverage, and there was an additional product liability claim against the manufacturer of the defective bow. The insurance policy carried by the store was limited to $100,000, and the store threatened to file bankruptcy if the client didn’t accept an offer of the policy limit.

Attorney William Neblett knew that the client deserved appropriate compensation for an injury that threatened his ability to live his life and care for his family. Ultimately, our attorneys were able to build a strong case for the client. In the end, the case settled for a total of $124,200, including the store’s policy limit, liability from the crossbow manufacturer, and payments from the store owner’s own pocket. In addition, our attorneys negotiated an agreement to have the client’s lost wages paid while his case was still ongoing, allowing him to pay some of his bills as they accrued.

Settlement Allows Client to Find a New Career and Move on With His Life

Our client was able to eventually find another job in another line of work, and the compensation allowed him to pay off his extensive medical bills and move on with his life. Throughout the case, Attorney William Neblett understood the client’s position and worked to prove that he had been put in a bad situation through no fault of his own. With skill, knowledge, and persistence, we were able to get a good result on behalf of our client.

Unexpected tragedies can change lives overnight, but you do have rights when you are hurt by someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved one suffered injuries due to negligence, you can contact Neblett, Beard & Arsenault to discuss your situation and start getting answers today.


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