Man Able to Enjoy Retirement After Settlement for Hip Injury

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Our client, an 83-year-old man, worked as a security guard. During a shift, he lost his footing in some loose gravel and fell. He experienced immediate pain with the fall, and doctors later confirmed that he had broken his hip.

The client was limited in his movement after the injury, and he suffered with a great deal of pain. Even after a hip surgery, he continued to struggle with symptoms and limitations. He found physical therapy helpful, but his post-surgical recovery was still long and difficult. His wife and other family members stepped in to help with caretaking needs while he worked on getting better.

Difficulty Getting Medical Treatment Prompts Client to Contact Our Law Firm

Because he was hurt at work, the client’s medical treatment was covered by workers’ compensation. However, the limitations of workers’ compensation are that he could not see doctors of his own choice, and he struggled at times to get approval for necessary treatment. His frustrations with workers’ compensation led him to contact Attorney Edward “Ted” Roberts to talk about what he could do.

Ted talked with the client about his options, and they both decided that working toward a settlement could be a good solution in the client’s case. Ted communicated with the client as they worked through the legal process together, and he made sure that the client knew what to expect every step of the way.

Workers’ Comp Settlement Helps Man Get Medical Care and Move on With His Retirement

Ultimately, the client’s case settled for $60,000, which included his medical expenses and lost wages. The client and his wife were very pleased with the outcome, which allowed the man to get the medical treatment he needed for his ongoing recovery. He also gained the financial security to move on with his retirement, free of the stress of the workers’ compensation system.

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