Injured Truck Driver Compensated After Multi-Car Crash

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Our client, a truck driver and mechanic, was hauling sand and gravel in a tractor-trailer truck on a Louisiana highway one morning in mid-November. As he traveled east in the truck, a rear-end wreck occurred in a turn lane on the westbound side of the highway. That accident sent a vehicle spinning into his lane. As the vehicle slid, it struck the side of our client’s truck before becoming wedged underneath.

The force of the impact was so severe, the tractor-trailer truck was lifted from the roadway and its heavy frame severely bent. The accident investigation revealed that the driver who caused the rear-end accident was on a business call in the vehicle at the time of the collision.  

Man Unable To Return To Work Due To Accident Injuries

Our client, the driver of the tractor-trailer, was very seriously injured in the wreck. He suffered injuries to his head, neck, wrists, and spine. He was under medical care for more than two years following the accident, and he was unable to work due to his injuries. Although he had the help of family members as he recovered, he had worked in manual labor his entire life and was unsure how he would be able to continue to provide for himself and his child.

Attorney’s Experience With Commercial Accident Cases Helps Client Overcome Difficulties

While seeking legal help, the client was referred by another attorney to Attorney David Walker. The referring attorney knew David had extensive experience with commercial motor vehicle accident cases and believed his skill with similar cases would be a good fit for the client. David met with the client, reassured him, and answered his questions about what to expect from the legal process. It was a very stressful time for the client, both physically and financially, and David always kept the lines of communication open. The client was able to speak directly with David when he needed help, and David did everything he could to reduce the stress on the client throughout the legal process.  

David kept the client’s needs in mind as he carefully prepared the case, gathered documentation to support the injury claims, and argued skillfully on the client’s behalf. Ultimately, the client’s claim settled in mediation for a confidential amount, which included his past and future wage loss. A workers’ compensation lien in the client’s case was also completely resolved.

The client was very happy with the outcome of his case. Although the client was unable to return to work or perform the kinds of jobs he had done in the past, he hoped to use the settlement to start a business where he could hire others to do the work he was unable to do. David was also happy that he could help the client get a good settlement. “It is our goal to guide clients through difficult periods and tight times when they’re not working until we can resolve the case for them and get them back on track.”

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