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A married couple in their 60s traveled down a Louisiana highway on a day in mid-March. The wife was driving, and the husband was in the front seat as a passenger. As they passed near a local fire department, a parcel-delivery truck made a sudden left turn from the drive and pulled out in front of their vehicle. This caused the couple’s vehicle to veer off the road and into a ditch, ultimately colliding with trees near the roadway before coming to a rest.

Although they were restrained by their seatbelts, both the husband and wife were thrown violently around the interior of the car in the accident with the truck. The husband tried to brace himself against the dashboard with his right hand, but both he and his wife still sustained significant injuries to their shoulders. At the scene of the accident, the driver of the delivery truck was ticketed for failure to yield.     

Shoulder Injuries Force Retirement-Age Couple To Close Their Business

The husband had several tears in the tendons and tissues around his right shoulder, as well as complications with scar tissue in the joint that made rehabilitation difficult. He was in a great deal of pain, and his movement was limited. As he recovered from the accident, he sought care from a doctor, specialists, physical therapists, and a surgeon, and he received numerous injections in his shoulder to help relieve his symptoms. Despite treatment, he continued to have severe problems, and his doctor recommended that he undergo a complex shoulder surgery.

The wife sustained injuries to her left shoulder, and she was also seen by a doctor, specialists, and physical therapists. Like her husband, she also struggled with shoulder pain and limited movement. Thankfully, over time and with treatment, her symptoms largely resolved, although she does still experience some lingering pain.

These kinds of shoulder injuries are painful and often take a long time to treat and heal. While the couple managed to perform many of the tasks in their daily routine, both the wife and her husband were in pain and having difficulty keeping up with the commercial plant nursery they owned. Between their injuries and the financial strain of ongoing treatment, they were unable to continue their work while they recovered. They eventually made the difficult decision to close the business and sell the property, leaving them to face an uncertain future for their “golden years.”

Accident Case Settles For Double The Amount Of The Original Offer

The couple was referred by another attorney to Attorney David Walker for help with their accident case and legal questions. David helped them get the answers they needed, and he eased their fears about the legal process for pursuing compensation. As he worked to build a strong case in support of their claims, he kept the clients informed and made sure they were ready for every step.

With David’s help and expertise, the couple’s case ultimately settled in mediation for more than double the amount originally offered by the insurance company. Both clients were pleased with the results David helped them obtain, and the settlement meant they were able to gain the financial security needed to move on with their lives and cover their medical expenses. David was also happy with the results: “They were a wonderful elderly couple to work with that had to give up their business due to an accident that was not their fault. I am happy we could help them get compensation for their business losses and injuries.”

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