Complicated Accident Case Settled for Injured Truck Driver

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Our client was a resident of Louisiana employed as a long-haul 18-wheeler truck driver. His job often took him out of state for deliveries. While driving in Washington state, he was rear-ended by another big truck as he slowed for the traffic in front of him. The resulting rear-end collision between the two heavy vehicles left our client with serious back injuries.

Back Injuries Keep Trucker Out of Work After Accident

After the accident, our client was seen by a doctor, and he followed up with recommended treatment. While he was thankful to learn that he wouldn’t have to undergo surgery for his injuries, he still had a long road to medical recovery. He was off work for a year and a half while he healed, and he also had trouble with bulging spinal discs after the accident. He was receiving workers’ compensation, but he had trouble supporting his family while he was unable to work. He was also in was in a great deal of pain. Although his doctor did not place him under formal restrictions once he had completed treatment, the results of a functional capacity exam showed that he should not return to work as a long-haul trucker. 

Complex Accident Case Resolved for $150,000 With Experienced Legal Help

The client reached out to Attorney William Neblett for help with his legal recovery. William reviewed the details of the accident and helped answer the client’s questions. William reassured him that, although his case was complex, he had options for pursuing the compensation he deserved.

There were several factors that made the client’s case extremely complicated from a legal standpoint. It involved the workers’ compensation insurance company in Indiana, where he was employed, as well as the liability insurance for the defendant company in the state of Washington. Because the client was a Louisiana resident, there were different sets of state laws involved in the case.

The trucking company’s insurance company argued that, since our client hadn’t needed back surgery, he was not hurt as badly as he claimed and could return to work. However, William presented facts that supported our client’s claims of injury and continued to negotiate for a fair settlement.

Another concern in the client’s case was the workers’ compensation lien. Bringing this to resolution involved a lot of back and forth with the workers’ compensation insurance company in Indiana. To help our client get the best outcome, William coordinated with the workers’ compensation adjuster to reduce the subrogation amount.

Ultimately, our client’s case settled for $150,000, and his workers’ compensation issues were completely resolved. He was very happy with the outcome of the case, which allowed him to focus on taking care of his family and financial obligations. Although he chose not to return to his previous line of work, the settlement in this case allowed him to enroll in school and continue with his education. William was also pleased with the outcome. “I was happy we could get him a good result so he could continue his education,” he said.

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