Collision Between 18-Wheelers Leaves Man Unable to Work

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A 69-year-old man was stopped on an off ramp while operating a tractor-trailer truck for work. He waited for the traffic light to turn green, then proceeded through the intersection. However, as he made the left turn onto the highway, another 18-wheeler truck ran a red light. The other truck collided with the man’s truck, and he was very seriously hurt in the impact.

18-Wheeler Accident Makes Man’s Prior Injuries Worse

The man had prior issues with degenerative disc disease, and he had undergone spinal surgery in the past. After the truck accident, his condition and symptoms were much worse, and he was unable to return to work. Even with medical treatment, the man was in pain and had trouble turning his neck and using his arms. He was struggling a great deal and unable to drive.

Being hurt and out of work left the man very stressed and overwhelmed. He was at a point in his life where he only had a few payments left on his house, but he found himself having to borrow money from family and friends to make ends meet after the accident.

Complicated Case With Many Challenges Settles Before Trial

The client’s case was complicated by his prior injuries and the involvement of commercial trucking companies on both sides. Although the client initially sought help elsewhere, he was referred to Neblett, Beard & Arsenault by another attorney who thought that Attorney Michael Koch would be a great fit for the client and the case. As the client spoke with Mike about the accident and how it had impacted his life, Mike was very motivated to help him seek relief. “I felt a connection with the client,” Mike says, “and I really wanted to help him.”

The client lived close by, and Mike encouraged him to stop by the office any time, which he did. They were in frequent communication as the man’s case progressed, and Mike was happy to provide ongoing reassurance and guidance.

The client’s doctors recommended that he have a neck surgery to relieve his symptoms, but the man felt financially unable to do so while his case was still in process. He and Mike talked about it together, and we were able to help arrange for the man to have the surgery before the case settled. He had a good result with the surgery, which helped a great deal with his comfort and well-being, while Mike continued difficult negotiations with the defense and moved toward mediation.

Because the client had neck problems before the accident, the defense minimized the impact of the accident on the man’s condition. However, with skilled negotiation and presentation of the facts, Mike showed that the man’s injuries had been significantly worsened in the accident, and his treating doctor’s testimony supported the client’s claims.

Because there was a dispute over whether the other truck driver entered the intersection when the light was red or green, witness statements were very important to establish what happened. Mike took great care in collecting witness statements that would help support his client’s case, including tracking down and collecting statements from witnesses who lived out of state. At the mediation, the client was very genuine as he spoke about the events and the impact the accident had on his life, and Mike continued to support him by skillfully presenting the facts.

Although the man’s case did not settle at the mediation, Mike continued negotiating and working on behalf of his client. In the end, the man’s case settled for $487,500 before going to trial.

Settlement Allows Client to Regain Financial Stability and Enjoy His Golden Years

The settlement of the case was a huge relief for the client, and he felt as though a huge burden was lifted. The settlement allowed him to pay off his house and pay back his friends and family. He was now 72 and unable to return to work, but he was able to put money away in savings. He was able to move on with his life and enjoy his golden years, which included spending time fishing with his grandson. Mike was also very satisfied with the result and pleased the client could get some relief.

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