18-Wheeler Collision on Interstate Permanently Injures Man

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Our client, a 29-year-old man, was in the passenger seat of a pickup truck hauling another pickup truck on a trailer. He was riding in the truck as part of his job, heading west on Interstate 10.

An 18-wheeler, owned by a freight company, rear-ended the trailer and vehicle our client was riding in resulting in a horrible truck accident. Our client's truck was pushed into the median and causing the vehicle to overturn. The driver of the 18-wheeler said that, at the time of the accident, he was looking down to retrieve his beverage and was unable to slow down in time once his eyes were back on the road. He was ticketed for careless operation by the investigating law enforcement officer.

Client Injured and Unable to Return to Work After Truck Accident

Our client suffered severe back injuries in the accident and underwent surgery for a disc bulge and spinal stenosis. The neurosurgeon concluded that future discectomy, spinal fusion, bone graft, and instrumentation surgery may also be appropriate. Our client’s pain was treated with lumbar medial branch block injections, and he has been seen by a pain management doctor for continued back pain, aching, and radiating pain that limits his ability to function and get around. Our client was also diagnosed with major depression and anxiety, secondary to his chronic pain. His work experience before the accident was largely in the oil field. After the accident, our client was unable to return to work, and a vocational expert through workers’ compensation was unable to obtain a job for him through job-search efforts.

Our Attorney Supports Client’s Claims After Freight Company Denies Liability

The client reached out to Neblett, Beard & Arsenault for help. We immediately went to work on the client’s case. The freight company fought the client’s claims and disputed its liability, instead blaming the accident on the driver of the vehicle our client was in at the time. The case was complicated by a difficult discovery period and extensive medical evidence.

While out of work and waiting for his case to resolve, our client had trouble caring for and supporting his family while keeping up with bills and expenses. Along with building a strong case on his behalf, we guided the client through the delays and complications in the case and reassured him. He talked with the client on the phone and met with him at his house. We made sure that our client got his questions answered and that he was able to get his bills paid while he was recovering from his surgeries. We were happy to talk with the client and offer guidance. Our team understands that it is very stressful for someone, who has been very active in life as a manual laborer, to now be stuck at home and out of work, as well as the stress it puts on families.

With our help, our client’s case ultimately settled for $300,000, including his lost earnings and benefits, future losses, and other damages. Workers’ compensation was convinced to waive a lien of $164,828. 

When traffic accidents happen at work, it can be difficult to figure out who is responsible and what happens next. 

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